Thursday, April 30, 2009

Massive police operation nets 99% of drug dealers in Kensington and Fairfield

I have just come back from police HQ in Liverpool where I was briefed at 6.00am along with 200 officers and then watched from the control room as 30 front doors were put in across Kensington and Fairfield. A massive operation, costing £200,000, which has been running for two years under cover, amassing evidence against local drug dealers and has seen 99% of them removed from our streets in one go. RESULT!

Liam, Wendy and I, representatives from Community 7 Housing, Venture Housing and Kensington Regeneration were invited by Chief Inspector Dave Charnock and his team to join the briefing and watch as the operation developed.

We are absolutely delighted that all of the information and intelligence that residents have been passing forward to the police, either directly, through the Community Safety Task Force or Your Community Matters meetings, or through us or by ringing crimestoppers has played such a key part in evidence gathering.

Local people have shown that by standing up for themselves and their community, by saying that "Enough is Enough", our streets are safer today.

There will be much more information and photos to follow.

Edit: I took this photo on my way back to Kensington, of two vans parked up near properties they had just burst into. I have had a long report from the police this afternoon but need to agree what I can share and what I cannot. Keep watching.


scouseboy said...

Any peddlar of misery(drug dealer)taken off our streets, hopefully for a long time, is very welcome.
The next challenge for everybody now is to ensure these low life maggots are not replaced on the streets of kenny or anywhere else in Liverpool. £200k very well spent.

Jim said...

Despite our misunderstandings over positions on this (more a difference between really pleased and really really pleased!!), I am mightily glad you are making such a positive difference here.

But what I wanted to say was I am very pleased you have not let the scurrilous, hypocritical viewpoints of others put you off blogging on here. Well done!