Sunday, April 26, 2009

Alice's Naming Day

Alice, our sunshine girl, has now been officially "named". She had a lovely ceremony with party in York, on a beautiful sunny day. As with her brother Dylan, I am one of Alice's "supporting adults" which I guess is like being a god-parent, but without the God part. I made a number of promises to be there for her as she grows up.

I have told Susan that we missed a few out though, I should have promised to be on Alice's side when she brings home a totally unsuitable boyfriend with long hair, tattoos and a motor bike, and again when she has the argument over getting her ears pierced.

Alice looked beautiful in her new dress bought specially for the occasion, but you will have to take my word for that as I don't have a photograph of her from the day so I thought you might like this one of her on the swings. Edit - I found this lovely photo on my phone today, which I had forgotten taking.

She behaved brilliantly well all day, smiling and sucking her thumb and waving her hand over her subjects. I cuddled her for ages, nobody else had much of a look in, I can tell you!

Unfortunately, both she and Dylan have since succumbed to chicken pox and Alice has been quite poorly, but thankfully she is getting better now and at least they have got it out of the way. I don't appear to have caught it though, thankfully.

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