Monday, April 20, 2009

Carl Speare RIP

I have just received a really shocking phone call from Steve Faragher.

Our friend Carl Speare of Likely Alliance died earlier this evening, playing sport.

He was a fit and well and healthy man, so full of energy and vigour and passion that I feel as though some sort of mistake must have been made.

For those of you who are thinking his name rings a bell, but cannot quite place him, Carl is the man behind Likely Alliance, the people who work with Kensington Vision to bring community radio to Liverpool neighbourhoods. I can think of a station he created at Alt Valley, another in Belle Vale and of course our fantastic KVFM back in November 2007.

KVFM starts again next week here in Kensington, or at least it was doing, until tonight. But it is too early to think about the impact of Carl's death on our project. Tonight I just want to think about Carl and what a lovely man he was and how much he will be missed and how many thousands of lives he has touched.

Edit: Thanks very much to Sheila McCoy for sending a really lovely picture of Carl that I am now able to illustrate this entry with.

Wendy and I relied totally on Carl to make our last radio station slot successful, he helped us put everything together and was endlessly patient with us, and extremely professional. I have several DVDs of Carl, explaining some of his different projects, one of which, about Belle Vale radio, I only watched last week after Steve sent it to me for information.

Carl Speare was a really wonderful man, totally committed and dedicated to the communities that make up Liverpool and his loss will be felt deeply and painfully across the whole city.

We owe him a huge debt of thanks in Kensington and I am sure the other communities he has engaged in will feel exactly the same.

If KVFM does go ahead this month, I am sure we will want to dedicate the whole three week programme to him. A really lovely bloke, my most sincere condolencs and best wishes go out to his wife and children, and to his friends and colleagues.

Further news: KVFM will be going ahead as planned next week, we are all very grateful to those former and existing members of Likely Alliance and Kensington Vision who have agreed to do what they can to step into the breach and ensure the radio station can go ahead. We shall have a special show to talk about Carl, which is likely to be the final one. I will give more details of this when I have them.

We are opening a book of remembrance and condolence at McDonalds over the weekend if anyone wants to come and sign it so we can share it with Carl's friends and family.

Abi Speare confirms in her comment that the funeral is to be held on Thursday 30th April 12.30 at St Anne's Church, Prescot Road (Old Swan), then on to Springwood and back to Mount Charmal.


christine quarless said...

Such a devastating blow to all who knew him. He was a dynamic and wonderful human being who planted seeds wherever he worked and they grew and flourished, be it projects or the work of others - many of Liverpool's youth workers owe a lot to Carl and his vision on working with young people- I for one am one of them. He was a fantastic mentor and a truly great friend...I will miss him so. \My thoughts are with his wife and children. R.I.P Mr Speare

Ray Condell said...

My deepest condolances also to Jane and Family in this tragic news. I would like say that Carl gave 100 percent into helping myself and all that are taking part and who have taken part in KVFM this year and the past years.
'Spirit in the Sky' willbe my first record for you Carl.
Ray Condell Community Warden C7

Alan Tapp said...

This came as a real shock when I read it at breakfast time this morning. I echo everything that Louise has said about Carl. He had this amazing way of reassuring people. I'm sure there will be many others shocked to hear this news.

Condolences to all his family and friends.

Claire Wilner said...

Absolutely awful news...I am really shocked. Carl was really helpful in making the project a huge success in Belle Vale last December

Abbi Speare said...

My dad was a special kind of person as I am sure you all know, he was loved and cherished by many. my heart is broken, I just don't understand you were my dad, mine! and now just gone. I cant imagine the rest of my life without you I don't want to imagine the rest of my life without you.
My love for you will only grow.
good night god bless pops.
your baby ab xxx

The funeral will be on Thursday 30th April 12.30 at St Anne's church prescot road , then on to sprinwood and back to mount Charmal.
I hope we can all give him the send off he deserves.
and notices will be in the Echo Friday 24th April.

Gillian Kent said...

I did Valley Community Radio about 15 years ago whilst still at Lee Manor High School. Carl was an inspiration to us all. He was such a courageous man and did alot for our community youth. The news will be a huge shock to everybody but i'm certain his work will continue in his memory. My deepest condolences to his family. Rest In Peace xxxx

Gillian Kent said...

I did Valley Community Radio about 15 years ago whilst at Lee Manor High School. Carl was an inspiration to us all. This news will come as a shock to many people. I am certain community work like his will continue in his memory. My deepest condolonces to all of his family. Rest In Peace xxxx

Melanie Speare said...

What Can I Say My Dad I Am So Proud& Privilaged To Be Not Only Your First Daughter But Your First Child , An Ill Always Cherish The Hours We Spent Together And Apart I Will Always Love You From Top To Bottom Of My Heart. The Most Precious Moment We Shared Was When You Held My Hand Through The Birth Of Your First Grandchild Me And The Kids Are Going To Miss You Like Crazy Good Night Dad We'll Always Love You XXXX

ste bliga said...

Carl worked with a load of us in Walton Youth Centre in the early 80's. He was a great positive influence on us, funny, positive, fair. straight talking.
He took us out, went camping with us, put us on Radio training even back then, and got us on "The Tube!!".
great youth worker and big influence when I was growing up.
great memories.

he will be greatly missed by those he knew and those who never got to meet and work with him.

From former youthy members

Anonymous said...

I was devastated to see the sad news and would like to pass my sincere condolences to Carl's family.
I worked with him on the Halewood Community Radio project for a couple of years and thought he was an inspirational, caring and honest man.
I was glad to have known him, if only for a short time.
Gavin Hogg, Manchester