Sunday, April 26, 2009

Deane Road Cemetery - DVD!

At last week's Deane Road Jewish Cemetery committee meeting, we got to see our wonderful DVD for the first time.

It made me tearful, I dont know why, ridiculous really, but I just felt very positive about it, and that our project to restore the cemetery suddenly looked real. I know that sounds strange, of course it is real, and we have been working on it for several years, but seeing it all on a DVD and particularly the section that talks about David Lewis was stunning.

Michael Swerdlow who has done an excellent job putting it altogether, now only has a few tiny tweaks to do and hopefully we can get it loaded up on to our website and also share it with the HLF people while they deliberate funding the work.

There were a couple of sections that really made me laugh, staged stuff mainly, where I can remember the filming. One part where Muriel, our horticulturalist was exclaiming over some good news we had had, and one part where Saul and Arnold were talking about the gravestone of Charles Mozley.

Hopefully you will be able to see it all for yourself soon, watch this space.


scouseboy said...

I did not know about the Jewish cemetery in your ward until you mentioned it on your blog. It appears to be one of Liverpool's secret hidden gems. I noticed a positive article in an edition of the Daily Post one day last week.
We also have a jewish cemetery (probably without the history of yours)which not many people know about. It appears to have been forgotten. It is situated behind Sainsburys Rice Lane on Cavendish Drive.

Louise Baldock said...

Actually Arnold who is the Jewish Archivist that sits on our small commnittee is also involved with the Rice Lane cemetery. I dont think it has been forgotten, it is just really hard to find the money. I know he puts a lot of work in, if you like I will ask him for an update on the situation and post it up for you and others to read?

scouseboy said...

Yes please Louise