Friday, April 03, 2009

Some extracts from this week's diary

On Thursday I had a surgery - two cases this week, but neither of them mine, one a man from Kensington Fields who naturally would think that a surgery being held in Kensington Library covered his area, and another was a worker within the library who lives in Picton.

The LB Taxi Service was pressed back into action on Thursday lunchtime, I picked up a jubilant Stan from JLA this time, and he didn't seem to have lost anything either. We had a bowl of soup together before I sent him back home to Huddersfield, with a big hug and the request that he should come back soon, but preferably not with a requirement that saw me getting out of bed at 4.45am, twice!

I rushed off to St Michael's RC Primary School on Guion Street/Boaler Street/West Derby Road to see if we could make any progress with our plans to close their dirty smelly underpass (used by druggies and kids sitting off and vagrants) and get a surface crossing instead. We have the Head of Neighbourhood Services on board, the Head of Community Safety, the Head Teacher, the kids, the parents and the governors and we all know what we want, but it will really be a question of where we find the £250,000 to make it happen. In the meantime we are going to improve the lighting and security and increase the cleaning regime further, using our Working Neighbourhood Funds.

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