Thursday, April 16, 2009

Discuss the identity of Kensington at an informal event

I have been contacted by Hannah Pierce who has organised an informal event in Kensington Fields Community Centre on April 23rd at 6.30pm to discuss the identify of the area.

Hannah says

"I am a third year Fine Art student at John Moores University living in Kensington and the community evening is part of a series of artist led community events I am currently working on to establish more positive relations between students and residents in the area."

This is a hotpot social to which everyone is invited, where we will talk about what gives Kensington its character etc.

She also says

"Alongside the Hotpot social I am currently working to establish an 'Edible Playgrounds' initiative, which at the moment is in the process of getting funding: we plan to take students into primary schools and helping them to build an edible playground area with the children - growing their own vegetables, teaching them how to upkeep vegetable gardens and how to use the produce to make healthy meals. I am hoping that we will be able to do this with a Kensington school but this is all dependant on which schools are willing to take part.

Any feedback on the projects would be happily received"

If you want to know more about the Edible Playgrounds initiative, come along on the 23rd and talk to Hannah, or email me and I will give you her contact details.

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scouseboy said...

I presume Mcdonalds,KFC and Pizza hut will not be designated "Edible Playgrounds!!!"