Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Easter Egg madness - make the most of it

I popped into Summerfield at Picton clock tonight and I saw a very puzzling but very good offer on Easter eggs that I feel duty bound to share with you.

One good size egg for £3

Two good size eggs for £6

Three good size eggs for £5

Yes, not a misprint, if you take a third egg you actually pay £1 less, in total, than you would pay for taking only two eggs.

So, I bought three eggs, for the price of less than two...

And furthermore, these particular eggs contain considerably less packaging this year - and no plastic - greener eggs, someone is listening.

So you can go green, and get a free egg and £1 back in your pocket.

I am sure they have made a mistake, either that or they have too many eggs and they now want to pay us £1 to take an extra one off their hands. But whatever this bizarre offer is all about, get out quick and get yours before someone cottons on to this choccy bonanza!

1 comment:

scouseboy said...

Don't eat them all yourself Louise because of 1) You will make yourself sick;
and 2) The £1 saving will pale into insignificance when you get the bill for your next visit to the dentist!!