Thursday, April 16, 2009

Editing workshop

Hannah Pierce, a student of Fine Art at JMU, has also been in touch to say

"There is the opportunity for residents to attend an editing workshop that I've organised at the new John Moores Art and Design Academy to assist in the editing of the documention of the event before it goes online. I haven't got a date set for it yet as I need to know the numbers first, but anyone is welcome to come if you would like to put an open invitation up via your blog?

It will be an introduction to video editing software in the new Mac suite followed by one-to-one instruction, I am hoping that this will encourage LJMUs outreach into local communities and provide new opportunities for residents and young people who would like to give it a try."

I confess, I dont know whether she means the documentation of the hotpot event or the edible playground event, or quite which event they would like to edit, I shall ask. Again, if you want to get involved, please do come to the KFCC on 23rd or contact me for Hannah's details. Thanks

- edit, Hannah says of the skills training "It's the documentation of the evening on thursday that the editing workshop will be based around although hopefully there will be more opportunities for similar workshops in the future - no previous experience is necessary"

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