Friday, April 17, 2009

Search Engine Optimisation

Warning: A techie posting

I have been doing some SEO work over the last year on my firm's website, to get it up the rankings on Google. I am not bothering with Yahoo because you have to pay to submit your site to them, if it is commercial.

We are doing pretty well by and large, I have thought of all sorts of combination of terms that people might use if they were looking for a firm that offered the services we do (words including accountant, accountants, accounting, liverpool, merseyside) and then done my best to ensure that our firm is high up on the results for all those possibilities by manipulating my text, my key words in the meta data, my page titles etc.

However, I am curious that if I search for Liverpool Accountancy, my firm's website appears on the 17th page, which is a shockingly bad result (although we do very well on the Google map of local business results which is the first returned item.)

However, if I search for Accountancy Liverpool we are nearly at the top of the first page.

This is a huge discrepancy.

I have not used quotation marks in my search.

Obviously I want to optimise our results for both searches, I cannot dictate what people will type into Google so I need to change our site so that it responds well to their search term choices instead.

Does anyone have first of all an explanation as to why there is such a discrepancy over such a simple search, and secondly, what could I do about this?

Thanks guys and gals


Geoffrey Crayon said...

Just a thought Louise.

If you've been doing a lot of testing from the same IP address Google might be adapting the search to what they think are your personal preferences

see here:

Anonymous said...

I was always of the understanding that it takes your search words in order so with Liverpool Accountancy it looks for Liverpool first , then accountancy and then what matches best before presenting the results. With Accountancy Liverpool it searches for Accountancy first then Liverpool then what matches best before presenting the results. Hence the discrepancy.

Louise Baldock said...

Thanks anonymous, I have followed your advice, ensured that the words follow each other, in various sentences of genuine text, and we are now on the first page for Liverpool Accountants and Accountants Liverpool etc

Result - and still not a penny paid in SEO charges!