Saturday, February 28, 2009

2-Nil, 2-Nil, 2-Nil, 2-Nil


Boro 2, Liverpool Nil


A cup victory, getting us into the quarter finals and now a win over Liverpool, are we out of the relegation zone? I must get the newspapers tomorrow, I hope we have moved up far enough to make it begin to count.

Why can we always beat the top teams and never the bottom ones, WBA anyone?

Apologies to Wendy and Russ and Thwaity, but I have to celebrate my boys getting such a good quality 3 points.

Over the moon!

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scouseboy said...

Liverpool have the same problem. They have beaten all the big teams this season, but dropped silly points against the strugglers. Yesterday against Boro they were dire.
You'll probably stay up. Lets hope you raise your game next week against Everton in the cup.