Tuesday, February 10, 2009

As One - Kensington Anti Social Behaviour Working Group

We had a really good As One meeting last week.

Our main focus was on a young man, youth worker turned actor, who is now running a firm called N2R. He has offered to put on a play/drama/workshop for our young people (aged 13+) to engage with them about the difficulties and problems caused by underage drinking, drugs and sex. He is working primarily from his own personal experiences as he nearly died at a young age of alcohol poisoning. We have hopefully now engaged him to produce one session at the St Francis of Assisi Academy and if it goes well we can push that out to our youth clubs and other feeder secondary schools. Councillors have agreed to pay £350 from their Working Neighbourhoods Budget to fund a session at the school to get the ball rolling.
Watch this space too.

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