Thursday, February 26, 2009


Did you know that on this day (yesterday actually but I forgot to post it) in 1946, the first bananas arrived in Britain following WWII - in Garston, Liverpool!


scouseboy said...

And I also read a news item sometime last year that in the next ten years bananas will cease to exist due to over zealous production targets.

steve faragher said...

My Dad used to unload bananas at Graston as he was a Stevador. He also used to possess a long overcoat with a big secret pocket inside in which he used to place the Bananas he used to liberate. We had our own banana ripening par tof the house, (the cupboard at the side of teh fireplace) the green bananas went on the op shelf gradually moving down shelf by shelf as they ripened. We were never short of our daily potassium input.