Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kensington - Neighbourhood Services Task Group

(I should just say that I am typing this on my laptop and the speed in which my typing appears is so much faster than the council laptop that I feel even a person with a 100wpw rate would not be able to keep up. I feel very special to have access to such a fast system. (I bought it 4 years ago for under £400, and it is masses better than my laptop from the council which has cost the tax payer £6600 so far, what does that say about my campaign against LDL?)

Anyway, all those things being equal - including the necessity for me to keep going back and correct spelling mistakes my finger are not normally allowed to make - I should say this was a meeting much less difficult than the previous three (we meet once a month).

For 18 months Pat has been raising the problem of the wheely bins that belong to the flats next to her home on Holland Street. And for all that time we have been trying to resolve this. But we have failed and failed and failed and so last month I promised to involve Paul Morrison, our LCC Neighbourhood Manager in its resolution. And I was absolutely thrilled when he agreed to meet me on site and then come along to the meeting to talk about enforcement processes that he wanted to instigate. I think we might finally be able to experience some progress, but it might take another 4-6 weeks before we will know whether our section 46 notices are likely to be effective.

What this means is that we are threatening the residents of the flats with prosecution if they do not take out and bring back in their wheely bins.

If only for Pat's sake, I hope this is going to work, she is truly tearing her hair out over this.

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