Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What do I think about HMRI in Liverpool?

Imagine this, a nice bloke named Duncan from Inner City Solutions actually wanted to interview me to find out my views on HMRI in Liverpool. It was just as well he had a very big space in his diary because I was there for over 2 hours (and he comes from Thornaby so we wasted 10 minutes on the delights of Westbury Street where we had both lived - more or less like Molyneux Road really).

Anyway, I gave the HMRI project some bouquets and a whole lot more brickbats and it was really helpful in crytallising my thoughts over this project.

I took with me a copy of Inside Housing from a few weeks ago where the front page, shamefully, was a photo of boarded up houses in Anfield and a copy of the article in the Echo about the demolition of Prescot Road and Drive houses. I also showed him soem of the material from the HRMI scrutiny panel in 2007 and the HMRI task and finish group I set up as part of the City and North Neighbourhood Partnership Working Group for Physical Regeneration in October/November 2008.

What I said in essence was that it was a great idea, badly mismanaged and ultimately sabotaged by changes in the housing market. I look forward to reading his report.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Louise,
I am currently investigating the regeneration of Liverpool’s domestic infrastructure. And as a part of it i am undergoing interviews with people who want to express their thoughts and ideas of the HMRI project. if you are able to take the time for an interview it would be much appreciated. Please contact me at