Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Deputy Chair at your service

Saturday was a very interesting development in my political career.

Having been a full-time officer (then entitled Regional Officer, now the position would be described as Deputy Regional Director) for the Labour Party in the North West of England 10 years ago, I can remember going to my first LPNW AGM.

I can also remember 14 years ago, going to the same type of meeting as an ordinary member delegated to represent Cleveland county on the North East and Yorkshire Regional Labour Party Committee - actually if I really remember it properly, I think I might have been a member of the North Committee in 1994 and then the Yorkshire Committee in 1995 and having to give them both up when I started work for the party in April 1995, but I might have this a bit muddled. I certainly remember a meeting in Gateshead and a meeting in York any way.

As of Saturday I am the new Deputy Chair of the North West Regional Labour Party, which I guess means it has taken me 10 years to move from number 2 (which I shared with Sheila and Peter)on the staff to number 2 politico.

I have already decided that once a month I need to go to LP Regional office in Warrington and discuss our campaign plans and direction in terms of fundraising and recruitment and so on, with the Regional Director. So if you are reading this and have views about how this position might best be utilised, do please email me at louise dot baldock at blueyonder dot co dot uk

Essentially though I intend to use the position to extend my work campaigning with and training members across the region. Get in touch!

- masses of thanks must go to Theresa Griffin who is number 3 on the NW European Election list this year and has gracefully stood down from her Deputy Chair position to concentrate on becoming the Griffin we DO want to send to Brussels in June.

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