Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Asylum Link Merseyside - AGM

Tonight I left my freezing cold house, where the boiler packed up on Monday, no heating and no hot water since, to go to the AGM of Asylum Link Merseyside. I had hoped for a bit of a warm while we sat, but no, they had turned their heating off at 5pm in accordance with their efficiency savings, and it was as cold there as it is here! But I did get a nice plate of chicken and rice at the end of the meeting, so that was a bonus.

The AGM went well, accounts approved, trustees approved, all that sort of thing but then we had a presentation from Ewan that he is putting together to highlight the plight of failed and therefore destitute Asylum Seekers, and then a short speech from Fr Peter Morgan about the need to provide hospitality and support to the suffering. I felt quite wiped out as I came away, just as I did after the mammoth Kensington Remembers event last month.

We all have to do more to offer support to the destitute within our midst, that is all there is to it.

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