Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Saturday night out on the town, getting my head turned by the bright lights

Lisa and I had a night out on the town on Saturday night.

We were meant to get the same bus into town together, but it arrived literally 30 seconds before me at the bus stop and I saw her red coat in a downstairs seat as I put my finger tips on the back of the bus and it drove off. Grrrr

We met up in the Phil for a first drink and then went into the Everyman and the Casa before coming home to the Richmond (I think you'll find it's my pub, LOL). We had a great chat and I think I may have told her things that I have managed to get through 43 years without telling a soul, but then we have been bezzie mates for 31 of those years so if I was ever going to 'fess up, she was bound to be the one to hear the stories.

We had a really great evening and I enjoyed going somewhere different for a change.

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