Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Far more snowy behind the ears than he had ever been before

I was reminded on Sunday afternoon of a Winnie the Pooh illustration, a copy of which an old lover bought me some 17 years ago. A drawing of Winnie and Tigger struggling through a snowy landscape, the caption read "Feeling more snowy behind the ears than he had ever been before" or words to that effect.

Liam and I were out door knocking for the 3rd Sunday running as part of Labour's campaign to ensure a resounding victory in Liverpool Wavertree whenever the General Election comes. We drove up to the patch we had decided to visit. We parked at the end of the street. We got out our clip-board and our out-cards and our pen. We walked up to the first front door and Liam lifted his hand to knock on the first door. And at that precise moment the first snow flake fell.

I was wearing my ubiquitous purple John Lennon/Donny Osmond cap (I guess it depends on your cultural references) but Liam was bare-headed. As we pushed on up the street he became very "snowy behind the ears" and we were glad when a couple of families invited us in for deeper conversations. We made a new member too, so it was very successful, but we might have to count the cost in chilblains!

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