Sunday, March 01, 2009

Newsham Park update

On Thursday I went to the Newsham Park Forum which is held in the Adult Learning Centre along the side of the park. It is a forum which just addresses the park itself.

We had an update on the HLF bid - we should hear at the back end of March whether we have been successful in securing the £4.5million we need to do refurbish and restore the park. A group of HLF people have been and had a look round and were apparently quite impressed with our plans. Fingers crossed.

We also had an update on the proposed new pavillion. A survey has been carried out by 2020 to assess all possible locations and two have come out top. One to the north of the road through the park, next to the children's playground and the other on the other side of the road and a bit further east. I have a paper copy of the survey if anyone wants to see it, and also an electronic one.

I prefer the one next to the children's play area as it will be easier to keep safe and secure from ASB and does not involve cutting down any trees. But there is also an argument about having to cross the road to walk to the pitches from there, carrying goal posts. The other site would be within trees, would be less obtrusive, but because of that would not be so safe from ASB and would involve cutting some trees down. It would also be a bit nearer to the pitches, in terms of the walk involved.

Anyway, I gave my preference, and Norah gave hers but we know we need to ask lots more people, so I suggested that 2020 do a display at the K&F Your Community Matters event next week to get wider feedback, as well as asking the other councillors and the Friends group of course. I must remember to tell our co-ordinator Karen Harris about that.

Talking of YCM events, I do like being able to invite people to come along and give presentations or hand out flyers, or whatever, it gives them such a big audience in one easy hit.

We also had an update from Lisa Heron from the Academy about their ongoing plans for the next Newsham Park festival. June 27th, put it in your diary.

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