Thursday, March 12, 2009

Flog it!

Guess where I will be on Sunday March 29th? - in the queue at St George's Hall for Flog it!, hoping to get a glimpse of the gorgeous Paul Martin. How lucky we are that it is coming to Liverpool.

All I have to do now is find something interesting in the attic to take along(actually that is a bit too much of a challenge, as I dont have an attic, not even a loft hatch!), so I guess I might have to rummage in the spare bedroom.


Colin said...

Why don't you take the council laptop as ancient IT equipment is now quite collectable, even Mr Farraghers ZX Spectrum could raise a couple of quid( obviously much more if it's in its box and never been used)

scouseboy said...

Take the conservative manifesto from the last time they had a councillor in Liverpool (1989!!!)

steve "that well known spelling mistake" Faragher said...

They sell for even more with Manic Miner or Jet Set Willy!