Thursday, March 19, 2009

Liverpool Councillor Idol 2009

What a great night we had last night in the St Thomas Hotel on Victoria Street for the Liverpool Councillor Idol.

A dozen councillors sang in front of an audience of their peers, family and friends in the first ever Councillor Idol, to raise money for the Lord Mayor's charity.

They may not all have been the best singers in the world, but they had tremendous bottle to get up and sing and I admire them all for that.

I knew as soon as the competition was announced that Sharon Sullivan would win, she is a brilliant singer who sang on stage at the Royal Philharmonic with the RLPO late last year in a special concert to honour our best pub singers. And she did not let us down, she was marvellous.

But there were surprising good performances too from Jim Noakes, who came second, and Claire Wilner who was a very enthusiastic finalist. Someone who did not get through but did a great job was Anna Rothery who also sang in the interval and after the event had closed, along with other enthusiasts. Joe Anderson was up first and did a good job on Ticket to Ride too.

Dave Hanratty and Malcolm Kennedy were the other Labour entries and both made a reasonable fist of their contributions too.

LibDems who joined in included Berni Turner and Colin Eldridge in a sort of Hilda Baker/Arthur Mullard interpretation of some Grease songs - and they had taken the trouble to get dressed up a bit, good for them. Also Laurence who was also beautifully attired in a white jacket, and Linnie Williams who came third, having brought an enthusiastic fan club with her.

I heard reference to this being the 2009 contest and there being a shield which would need to be returned so I can only assume that there is an intention to repeat this again next year - I shall certainly be buying a ticket. We raised £1152 which I thought was very impressive.

Thanks to everyone in Committee Services who put the event together.

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Laurence said...


Yes, it was indeed a brilliant night and everyone had a fantastic time. My favourite moment was when Sharon sang her last song after she'd won which, then, prompted Berni to dance arm-in-arm with Nick between the tables. An abiding memory. I hope this does become an annual event so we can 'do our bit' again to raise the funds for the Lord Mayors Charities. Special mention must go to Charles and his team from Committee Services for all their hard work which went into staging it. Drum-roll...£1152 was very well worth it, don't you think?

ps. Next year, you must put your name down to sing yourself. We can't let Sharon just walk off with the trophy without some decent competition.