Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Disastrous result for the Boro

I am afraid I am going to break my own golden rule tonight, and call for our manager to stand down.

There was a lot of controversy when Gareth Southgate became the manager without the proper training but I always hoped that at least with an international defender for a manager, we would never let too many goals in.

But here we are, sitting in the relegation zone, despite our victory over Liverpool at the weekend, and we have just let Spurs, of all teams, beat us 4-0.

It is no good Motty saying we didnt deserve to lose by so many, that we were not as bad as the score-line suggests, the fact is that it is only the score-card that people will remember.

Why can we beat the top teams and yet be so dire against the strugglers and the stragglers?

I am afraid that I have lost confidence in Gareth now and he needs to go.

We went down in 1997 and bounced back up and have stayed up, but now I dont see what is going to save us and we need a new approach.

I dont want Everton to win at the weekend in the cup game, but I would not put any money on a Boro success on current form.

Officially down in the dumps........!

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Jimmy P said...

The sooner you forget about Boro and start supporting the Peoples club the better.
Sunday FA cup - EFC 3 Boro 0

"One Evertonian is worth twenty Liverpudlians"
Brian Labone 1940-2006