Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sparkles Day 26th July

Our Sparkles Day was a great success

The three Labour Councillors joined local residents, members of staff from Venture Housing, Rodney Housing, City and North Neighbourhood Team and members of the L'Arche community to pick litter and clean up some fly-tipping in the L6 area.

Caroline also came along, to find out some more about being a local councillor.

We split into two teams, one working on the Rufford Road area and the other working on Tudor Street, Cambria Street and Sutcliffe Street. We picked up six sacks of rubbish just from the grassed area half way up Tudor Street and noticed how long the grass has got. Apparently it was NOT transferred to LMH when lots of the other grassed areas were but EL appear not to have realised this and had not been cutting it either, so this has since been reported and should get a good cut now.

We chatted to lots of residents who were coming and going and picked up some casework too. As usual however, lots of people assumed we were doing community service, but that always gives us a bit of a laugh.

One group of young lads shouted over, asking what crimes we had committed, I shouted back that I had been found guilty of murdering half a dozen young lads and chopping them up into little bits, but they were not convinced, shouting back that surely that would have merited a prison sentence!

We really enjoy Sparkles days and seeing people using the 25 skips that we provide for them and we massively enjoy revisiting areas we have cleaned before and finding that they have stayed clean!

It was a beautiful sunny day too.

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