Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"It's just a lot of people standing still"

Flash Mob in Liverpool City Centre - Bank Holiday Monday

Who says Councillors have to be stuffy?

This link might not work, but if you are on facebook perhaps it will?

It is a link to the Liverpool City Centre Flash Mob 2008

A group of face-bookers - and I was one - met up at 1pm on Bank Holiday Monday outside McDonalds on the corner of Church Street and Duke Street (is that quite right?) At the blowing of a couple of blasts on a school-yard whistle, we posed, stock-still, for a few minutes, until the whistle blew, much to the consternation of the passing pedestrians.

We were encouraged to think up a suitable pose and in my case I chose to spend my minutes pointing at a DIVINE pair of purple suede shoes in Barratt's window - which were particularly apt as I was wearing a purple suede jacket and carrying a purple suede hand-bag, how cool am I? LOL

Colin who is far too cool to join in with such nonsense, stood by me and looked a bit embarassed, but did manage to take a couple of pics on my phone which I hope I can get off there and on to here.

Great fun. I understand some people had clothes pegs attached to them as they stood frozen to the spot, by a phantom "pegger" but sadly I was missed, great fun though - especially the instruction that said that when the whistle blowed to mark the end, we should straighten up and walk away as though nothing had happened! It must have been baffling, not least for the two coppers who found themselves in the middle of the exercise, quite by chance (I hope!)

The quote in the title of this entry refers to a man who walked past my still figure and said this, with some disgust, to his shopping partner.

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