Tuesday, August 05, 2008

October Black History Month

Wendy and I met Michelle and Sonia from the Black History Month team this evening to talk over some ideas we have about supporting an event during October to celebrate the achievements and history of the black community living in Kensington and Fairfield. Liam was stuck in work, but we will want to get his views and thoughts as he works closely with a lot of the BME groups in the patch.

The website is still showing last year's calendar but we got a sneak preview into this year's and it is all looking very impressive.

We have got some way to go to define the way we can get involved and what kind of event might be appropriate, but were able to share contact details of many of the black people who are currently engaged in community activity in Kensington and Fairfield so that they can work with the team and the planning around the whole programme. I will keep you posted as to developments.

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