Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It is Saturday, it's 10am and it is leafletting

We are nearly done with the current K&F leaflet - and picked up three new bits of casework in just a few streets. Thankfully the rain held off.

Mum rang at quarter to ten, wondering if I had got up yet. I said I was long-since up and waiting to meet Liam and Wendy and Dave and Frank and Dave and Nick for a leaflet session. She said she had thought we wouldn't leaflet if it was a bank-holiday. It reminded me that a constituent had phoned to see if we were having a surgery on the Friday night for the same reason.

I remember doing a surgery on Good Friday at least twice. We just put our heads down and get on with it. Constituents who have problems worth sharing with a councillor dont care what day it is and neither do we.

Mind you, if Christmas Day or Boxing Day or New Year's Day fall on a surgery day or a leafletting day, I guess I wont be there.

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scouseboy said...

When I was on the council, I got called to an issue on Christmas day once!!! (Mind you, it was an emergency and we managed to get the constituents issue resolved)