Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rachel Thwaite is 40

No really, she is!

And we had a night out on Friday night on Rose Lane. We started with a drink in the Rose of Mossley, then went for a very nice meal in Odyssey (very handsome waiter) and we all ate lovely things and drank lovely wines and still the bill was only £20 each - with a good tip.

Then we popped into a new bar on Allerton Road - Eight - which opened on Thursday I think. It was okay but overly busy and more men than women. We were not overly impressed although we did like the tiny screens showing Beatles concerts in black and white, which sat behind the pump fonts.

I asked Wendy to join me and in the end there were 8 of us, all happily chatting and eating and drinking and we had a really lovely time. Some very interesting discussions also ensued amongst us singles about life on your own with its ups and downs - mostly ups I think we decided.

Rachel was well chuffed with her presents, especially her new handbag which I noticed she was using again on Monday at the Mathew Street festival. Well done whoever bought her that!

I might not be able to recommend Eight but can definitely recommend Odyssey (and the taxi-driver who took us from one to the other was very fair and a good ambassador too)

Happy birthday love

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Anonymous said...

I believe it was Robbie who was taking the honour for that present.