Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Boro Boys were in town, la la la

I was so excited when we went 1-0 up after 70 minutes

I got my phone out to send Wendy a message of humiliation, but my fingers hovered in an unsure way, so I decided to wait for the end result

Good move!

Because somehow the jammy bastards managed to beat us 2-1. I still dont know how they pulled it off, given that they were so thoroughly second-class, but sometimes these things happen

It was however a moral victory even if the three points eluded us, I see good things for my team this season and thanks go to Damian Spellman for putting a Boro story in tonight's Echo.

Mido! Mido!


Jimmy P said...

'Jammy bastards' indeed, you've obviously sussed how football goes in this city. Never mind Boro, Everton is clearly the team for you Louise, the People's club.
Feed the Yak and he will score!

scouseboy said...

Having watched the whole game, it is fair to say that Liverpool were crap, but Boro were not much better.
When Mido scored, I thought that was that, but Southgates decision to bring on substitutions that left ten men behind the ball for the last ten minutes cost you the game.
Remember the old cliche: A team that plays bad but gets the points wins the league. The Mancs and Chelsea have done this season in and season out, and now the Reds are doing it!!