Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cath and Steve have married!

On July 26th 2008 Cath Ingham and Steve Seymour Clancy were married. Unfortunately for me they were married in Orkney and I could not get up there, otherwise I would have loved to have shared their special day with them. They were married in the bothy behind the house by a Church of Scotland Minister.

With the help of Steve Faragher, I read a poem set to music and sent it to them as an MP3 and they played it at the appropriate place in the service, it was not as good as being there, but better than missing out altogether.

I have kept it quiet until now as they wanted to send out invites to a party in Holmfirth in mid September and that would be the first most people would know about the marriage, I didnt want to be the one to break the news. But the invite has now arrived so I can tell everyone - and share a few photos with you.

I am so pleased, it couldn't have happened to a better couple, although quite why it has taken them so long I don't know.

See you soon, with a big glass of champagne!

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Cath said...

Hey that's us!!
See you soon.
Love Cath and Steve