Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Liverpool Samba Carnival

Wendy, Theresa, Suzanne and I went out on Saturday night for a fab meal at Bistro Jacques, my favourite city centre restuarant and then out onto Hardman Street to watch the Liverpool Samba Carnival parade.

There are some great photos on that link you should look at!

There were hordes of people lining the street. We really enjoyed it and hope it becomes an annual fixture.


scouseboy said...

manu of the bistro looks interesting. I like the chilean restaurant- the valparaiso- at the bottom of Hardman St, also Zorbas greek restuarant at the hardman st/renshaw st junction.

Alfie said...

It was Samtastic :0) Hope your poorly bottom is getting better Louby Lou. Let me know the plans for your Birthday when you get the chance. Sxx