Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Regulation 33 visits

We had a meeting a week or so ago of those councillors (principly Labour - and I am not making political capital out of this, rather I am hoping that a few more LibDems who I know read this blog, will think about signing up too) who are ready and willing to undertake Regulation 33 visits to Children's Homes in the city.

In essence, once we have been CRB checked and given some guidance, we are to visit the children's homes in the city - there are not many and they have only four children in each home as most children go into foster care rather than home - on a very regular basis to ensure that everything is right for our kids.

Councillors are de facto parents for looked-after children (children in various types of care) - about 800 in Liverpool - and we need to make sure they are being looked after properly, are happy, are eating well, going to the dentist, doing their homework, getting treats etc etc

Wendy, Liam and I have all put our names down to visit - and we have two such homes in our ward so it is important that we are properly engaged.

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