Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shelving in Kensington Library

I had a great surgery in Kensington Library last week!

I have a table in the middle of the children's library - not very private but we can talk very quietly and if it looks like getting sensitive I always offer a home visit or suggest other surgeries as an alternative (we hold one every Friday night for example in private so they dont have long to wait)

And this week I only had two visitor in my hour, so like old times, I thought I would do a spot of shelving.

I think the library staff were impressed to learn that I have a City and Guilds - Library and Information Assistant's Certificate, 1985 - and I offered to shelve the returns to the children's library while I was in between constituents.

I then got right into the spirit and tidied up the first two shelves in the children's reference section - to the third decimal point in the Dewey system. Nice to know I have not lost my touch!

They make a lovely mug of coffee too, thanks everyone, see you in a fortnight, next time I might tackle the children's biography section

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