Thursday, August 28, 2008

5000 mile walk for Multiple Sclerosis

I am joining Andy Monk on a walk on 17th September for Multiple Sclerosis. I shall only do a mile though, not the full 5000 (!!) Do you want to come too? Get in touch and let me know. Hopefully Lisa and Rosa will be able to come too, Lisa's mum had MS. Or perhaps you want to send me some money to give to him, or you can contribute directly to him. I have put the details of how to do that at the end of the post.

Here is the text of Andy's email to me below

On 15th September I will be starting a five thousand mile sponsored
walk to more than seven hundred Newspaper offices and Radio Stations
in mainland England to raise crucial funds for Multiple Sclerosis

Could you, or could someone you know, help by walking one mile and
raising ten pounds for research?

I will walk within a mile of 900 towns and villages on the first
section of the walk, through the north of England. If just one person
from each place would join me for one mile and raise ten pounds, the
total raised throughout the north would be a significant boost for

I will be walking through Liverpool and Everton on 17th September.

To search for another town along the route, please go to

I have witnessed the frightening and devastating effects that MS has
had on my wife Gwen, who fifteen years ago, at the age of 32, was
stricken by the disorder. I have watched a fit, healthy, young woman
gradually being forced to come to terms with a fearfully debilitating

There are further details of the two Charities I will be raising funds
for, as well as a summary of my previous sponsored walk at

It is possible though to donate online through either my own website, the Myelin Project website, or the Accelerated Cure Project website.
Donations through my website will be divided equally between both charities.

the Myelin Project address is:

the ACP website is:

and my website address is:

Kindest regards,

Andy Monk


Anonymous said...

Just a note - he signs his email "Andy" but you refer to him as "Alan"

Louise Baldock said...

Thanks for pointing that out, I have corrected it. Cheers