Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mathew Street Festival

As one man said to me in St John's Gardens during Amy Whynhouse's sessions - "The Lib-Dems and that Councillor Bradley could not organise a piss-up in a brewery!"

Only it seems he was wrong - and so was I!

Rachel, Ian, Colin and I had a great time on Monday afternoon.

Variously we enjoyed Right Said Fred (I missed them but Rachel raved about them), The Smiths Indeed (I suffered them like only a true friend with her pal can, but Colin raved about them - that Morrissey is a terrible mysogynist with songs about girls in comas and girls getting knocked over by buses), Amy Whynhouse, Temptations and Four Tops, the Fillers (Killers) and the mighty God Save The Queen and we thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of it - except perhaps the parts where my nylon-sock clad feet were on fire, what a mistake that was!

I saw a few councillors out and about and I am sure we were all agreed that after last year's debacle this year the lads done good.

Thanks to all the acts!


GED said...

So glad everyone seemed to enjoy the show the boys love "Coming home" to Liverpool and were delighted with the crowd on Monday you were great. Cheers. Ged DSR

GED said...

Sorry never mentioned on comment I was talking on behalf of God Save The Queen. Ged. DSR (DIOS SALVE A LA REINA)

scouseboy said...

I noticed Cllr.Bradley readily taking the plaudits because things went well, would he have been just as ready to take the brickbats if things had gone wrong?

Alfie said...

Was in Liverpool on Monday for 3 hours after doing the ship canal cruise from Manchester :0)

We avoided the Mathew St Festival though and went all cultured and saw the Klimt exhibition.

I have to say I was a little disappointed - there are some fantastic pictures of his in the exhibition - there is however a lot of filler stuff and not enough about him personally. He did after all have a very "interesting" life and morality and I think it would have added more colour and interest to the exhibition.

Anonymous said...

In response to Scouseboy: Warren Bradley was slaughtered last year for what happened with the festival. Everybody said that he was the man responsible, so now that things have gone well, why shouldn't he take the plaudits? You can't blame him when things go wrong and then criticise him for taking praise when they go right! Lets have a little fairness please!

scouseboy said...

In response to anonymous: chillout!!! I only made an observation. I actually think this years festival was brilliant, apart from some transport issues,(buses and northern rail (not,I stress, northern line)
If anonymous cares to look, I am on record on this blog as condemning the personal abuse that Warren Bradley and his family suffered around the time of the 2007 Matthew Street festival debacle.
If I wanted to critcise Warren Bradley and the Lib dems, yes, it is obvious I am a Labour supporter, I can think of at least four areas in which I could critcise Warren and the Lib Dems. I choose not to at this time. Furthemore, this is Louise's blog, not mine. I hope this clarifies things for anonymous. Also, anonymous, why not use a pseudonym instead of hiding behind anonimity?

Anonymous said...

oh and everybody knows who you are Scouseboy...I think not! You are hiding your identity as much as me, the only difference is that you have chosen to use a stupid name to do it!