Thursday, August 28, 2008

Council mentoring

When I became a councillor in 2006 I was mentored for the first year by Councillor Nick Small who ensured that I understand how everything worked. He would keep in regular contact, identifying issues I might like to speak on, or suggest topics for motions. He would expain how committees worked and how to take advantage of training. It worked very well and I blossomed under his tutelage.

Now it is my turn to be a mentor and I am working with Tim Moore. He is doing very well so far, a maiden speech at his first council meeting on a sensible topic - working on a Merseyside basis to develop mutually beneficial policies, particularly in terms of job creation and skills development.

We met for lunch today and talked about how to set up Tenants and Residents Associations. We also discussed his new role as Chair of a Neighbourhood Partnership Working Group, a very bright young man, one to watch!

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scouseboy said...

Princes Park is no longer a "safe" Labour seat. Tim will have to put in as much work in that ward as you have done in Kenny to build up the Labour support to enable him to retain his seat in 2012. I hope he acheives his objectives.