Saturday, June 28, 2008

We will regenerate, regenerate, regenerate

Hands up all those people who thought this was going to be about Kensington Regeneration?

You at the back, I know you were thinking this was going to be a blog about the folks in the Job Bank, so don't pretend otherwise. You can put your hand down again.

But as it happens you were all wrong, so there!

This blog is about the dreadful situation we find ourselves in, having to wait 7 days to find out just who is going to be the new Doctor Who after regeneration began this evening.

For my money - and I dont read tabloids so if the answer has already been revealed then I have missed it - but I reckon that David Tennant will also be the regenerated Doctor.

Davros has done his worst, Harriet Jones, former PM appears to have been exterminated (frankly I dont believe that for a minute, she will return one day). Sarah Jane has had her car stopped and blow up, I find that rather hard to believe too. The gorgeous Captain Jack, Rose and Donna are with the Doctor at the moment of regeneration and Dr Martha Jones is somewhere in the vicinity. I might have lost track of some of the detail in all of the excitement, but that seems about right.

The Doctor has survived the attack although the world has not, it has not been won or lost yet, there is still all to play for, but who, or indeed Who, will be standing in the TARDIS when the smoke clears?

Roll on next Saturday night. I am supposed to be at Katie's wedding in Sefton Park, so I shall have to ask Colin to set his DVD recorder for me and for one of you to text me with regular updates!

A magnificent and totally unexpected episode


steve faragher said...

I'm going to be in Turkey so me and sheila bags the dvd copy after you, or we could have a regen party/celebration, bringing it forward from April 2010, when we find out what Ritchie Graham and Norma have turned into....(my mind continually boggles at that one)

My bet is Tenant will be turning into....Mike Storey our very own Dr.

Anonymous said...