Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Liverpool is the top musical city

Further to an earlier blog and letter to the Daily Post about Liverpool's battle to become recognised as the most musical city in England, I am delighted to say we won!

(I did write to the Echo too but they didnt publish it, I think they may have run their own piece that week instead).

YEAH! (yeah! yeah!)

Sheffield were 2nd
Manchester were 3rd

and Leicester were 4th (Leicester???)

Something else to be proud of in our special year

For more information on the rest of the best, go to www.mostmusicalcity.co.uk


Alfie said...

Its a travesty! But as I won two festival tickets through their competition I will let them off.

Good to see you at the weekend :0)

Do I get a musical tour of the top musical city when I come to you next then?

Louise Baldock said...

It was wonderful to see you too Suzanne. I told you Liverpool would win, you Manks, you think you should win everything, LOL

Of course you get the musical tour, if you want to go to Mathew Street , the home of the cavern, or we can go to see Billy Fury's statue on the banks of the Mersey (or go on the famous ferry). I cannot promise you a personal contest with the Zutons but we can listen to their CD? Or we could go to the Phil to hear the Liverpool Orchestra?

Or how about a trip to the Beatles exhibition on the Albert Dock?

Or we could book a ticket at the next Wombats contest?

And Colin has all the Ian Mc thingy CDs, oh you know who I mean, and if you dont, he will doubtless come on and post a proper description for me. He even has a signed lyric sheet from his heroes.

When are you coming?

Lou xx

Alfie said...

You were obviously more organised in your lobbying and publicity than we were, probably because we Mancs feel we have nothing to prove :0)

I just don't get Sheffield coming before us! I can see it would be close btwn LPool and Manchester but Sheffield?

I will text you some dates in July.

Have already done the Beatles museum but other than that I am happy to do whatever :0)

Still haven't seen the Gormley statues either, how rubbish am I!