Sunday, June 22, 2008

Arthur Dooley - can anyone help with an update?

Steve Clancy, an artist friend of mine is coming to visit in a week or so's time, and has asked me to discover whether we have celebrated Arthur Dooley during this year of culture.

He has also sent a link to a BBC story which talks about a campaign set up a few years ago to find a new home for his collection.

"In the celebrations for Liverpool has there been any mention of Arthur
Dooley who I remember back in the 60s as the man who valiantly took on
those he called the Bond Street Bandits.

He was ****ed off with the manipulation of the 'art market' and values
being dictated by the spivs in London.

He was an icon for every artist - traditionally trained or otherwise -
who was a working artist.

A damned good man."

Can anyone advise me or him? It would be good to have something to take him to visit when he and Cath come over.


Geoffrey Crayon said...

Not involved meself but last I heard an exhibition was pencilled in for later in the year.

You could try the contacts here to see what you could show your friend:

scouseboy said...

Wikipedia Arthur Dooley and you will find a link to his archive work

Anonymous said...

June Lornie from the Liverpool Academy of Arts on Duke Street did an Arthur Dooley retrospective earler this year. It was very good and well-attended. She's the best person to talk to, particularly about finding a permanent home for his collection. [and a new home for the Academy for that matter]

Ian Jackson said...

You should ask these people

There was a lot of activity at the start of the year with plans for an exhibition at the Albert Dock and a dooley trail but its been a bit quiet since.

And if your artist friend needs any more info on the art scene here it is, of course, all on my website


Louise Baldock said...

Thanks everyone, that is very helpful.

I will let Steve have this information and see if I can get in touch with June Lornie too

Anonymous said...

My name is June Lornie, (email - I believe you have been trying to get in touch, well here I am.
Arthur Dooly was a friend of mine, we opened The Liverpool Academy of Art gallery twenty years ago.
If you let me have your address I will send you invites to two PVs, the first on the 15th the .second 22nd September. One at the Albert dock the other is at the LAA,you will enjoy the life and times of Arthur Dooly. I hope this is of some help to you.

Rupert said...

I remember seeing Arthur Dooley many years ago on an old b/w tv and his determination to make and show his work without let or hindrance from gallery owners and critics struck me as a testament to his roots and his unshakeable faith in his talent.
Remember his age was a time when people often went to art school almost as a finishing school - somewhere you went to if you had a modicum of talent and you couldn’t think of anything else to do. Arthur Dooley was an artist because of his passion and because he had to make, design and give concrete expression to ideas. This is why he remains for me as an example of an artist and man to be admired.