Wednesday, June 04, 2008

And talking of the Liverpool Mural Project

It is finally here! Hurrah! Our first mural!

Colin, Mike and I drove up to Litherland on a whim last weekend to see the new mural on I thought Croxteth Road or Croxteth Street. Armed with an A-Z we found our way through the one-way system but could not find the mural when we got there and a passer-by had no idea what I was talking about.

Back home, checking again, I realised we should have been looking for Croxteth Avenue.


So now we have to go back again and see the mural for ourselves, but in the meantime, here are some photos that Peter has sent me. Doesn't it look truly magnificent?

I shall definitely be going and will put my own photos up afterwards.

Now we must find a second location, this time in Kensington or Fairfield. So if you have spotted a good gable end for this fantastic project then do please let me know.

PS As far as I can tell, if you click on the image it will expand and show you a bigger and clearer version.


Jimmy Price said...

Real art on the street, Power to the people!

JB said...

They look pretty cool actually!

Unlike the comically bad Edge Lane ones the council blew £85,000 on!

James Giblin said...

£85,000, now I feel as sick as when I drive down Edge Lane looking at that load of shite they've put up.
The work in Litherland is the real deal, a hand painted masterpiece. From what I remember these Belfast artists working with Liverpool art groups planned to do a dozen murals around Liverpool for half that price, only the clowns at The Culture Company said it wasn't edgy enough, just one of the many missed opportunities of 2008.

Cath said...

They're brilliant!