Monday, June 02, 2008

Kensington Regeneration - Quality of Life committee

I have been on the board of Kensington Regeneration for a year now and a few months ago I was elected to a committee called "Quality of Life" which concentrates on those aspects of the New Deal for Communities that deal with community relationships. That is a particularly important part of the organisation in my view.

We had a meeting last week to look at some of the funding bids that had come in. Some we passed and some we asked more questions about, but it was all very interesting stuff.

What I particularly like is that the committee chairs and vice-chairs tend to be local residents who have learnt so much from their experience, had training, got involved in all sorts of activities and have got thoroughly to grips with the stuff that makes a community cohesive.

It is not without its controversies but always thoughtfully discussed.

I dont know how much is confidential, so wont talk about the particular bids we discussed, but they are going to really enhance the lives of local people.

Very interesting.

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JB said...

Kensington Regeneration haven't done much for our quality of life by leaving their 'neighbourhood centre' and Prescot Road houses derelict for years!

Hopefully you can get them to pull their fingers out now you have three councillors.