Thursday, June 26, 2008

Have you seen the Muriel?

- shades of Hilda Ogden, for those of you who are old enough to remember the Alpen "Muriel" she was so proud of in her living room

I finally got to Croxteth Avenue, Litherland with Mum, Roger and Colin to see the Liverpool Mural Project's first and most wonderful piece of art and here are a few photos of its splendiference

The posters are painted too by the way, you cannot see that on a photo but in the flesh you can see how magnificent they are.

(And spy Colin, giving you the human scale for the immensity of this project)

- I have asked Peter from TLMP to come and work with me to find a suitable site in Kensington, we must have our own, it is my dream.

Click on each photo to see the full sized photo

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Sharon, Everton said...

Hi Louise, you should of took a photo of the beatles mop tops on the side wall as well, cos they look great also. Lets hope you get one sorted in Kensington soon, and they do one on Netherfield Road, Everton which not so long ago was full of ugly sectarian grafitti. These artists are really talented and its great that they now work together, we should be really proud that they worked in Liverpool in 2008.