Monday, June 02, 2008

Elm Park Residents

It was the last Wednesday in the month and so it had to be the Elm Park Residents Meeting.

As usual we were discussing the collection and return of wheely bins. We have promised residents that we will pay for communal gardens in the entries in Elm Park if they will learn to manage their waste disposal thoughtfully and keep their dogs out of the entries. It is proving a very big task but LCC Neighbourhood Services are doing what they can to ensure that the bin men do the right thing and the residents do the right thing.

But I am afraid it remains the case that "there is a lot done but a lot still to do"

We also talked again about the tarmacced area at the end of Parton Street on Prescot Road where demolished shops used to stand. We organised a meeting for later in the week with the land-owners to work on a project to put planters in here and grow some flowers and spiky plants up the walls to stop kids (and would-be burglars) from trying to climb over into the entries and cause trouble.

We might even have a mural, are you listening TLMP?

A very useful meeting where the three of us councillors backed residents wishes to support the Arts Festival in Newsham Park later in June.

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JB said...

There was nothing wrong with those shop buildings until Kensington New Deal destroyed them.

The smear of tarmac they put back was memorably described by New Deal as a 'hard landscape feature'!

Similar to the replacement for our beautiful old Post Office on Low Hill - a patch of wasteland.