Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pat's visit

My mate Pat from Honley, Huddersfield was visiting over the weekend and we really packed it all in.

I think she is probably nearly the only one of my friends who never reads my blog, if indeed she even knows I have one, or how many people read it every day, so I can probably safely say what I like about her visit!

She arrived on Friday evening, just in time for a wash and brush-up before the Liverpool Riverside Labour Party Dinner.

We were on a really top quality table.

Councillor Tim Moore who I think is the CLP Secretary of Liverpool Riverside (and my own personal mentee in this his first year of office), Nicholas Mutize (Labour Party candidate for St Michael's ward in 2008, an earnest and lovely young man, a nice couple from Lodge Lane Credit Union who do so much to help combat loan-arrangers, and the Nigerian Secretary of the Liverpool branch of the MDC, Zimbabwe.

We had a great time and the speaker, Andy Burnham, Cabinet minister for Sport, Media and Culture was particularly good.

On Saturday we went to the Newsham Park Arts Festival which we enjoyed, seeing lots of friends. Karen Lewis was there with her husband and new baby, it was lovely to see them.

Then we went into the city centre, visiting the Town Hall and St George's Hall for mini unofficial tours. She took me to the Blue Coat Arts Centre, which I have not visited for about ten years. Pat studied in Liverpool years ago and used to go there all the time. As I dont go to the shops in town much, if at all, I had not been down there for years, not since Lisa first moved to Liverpool and took me there. I shall go again, there are some great little shops, I bought some bracelets made of buttons.

I enjoyed having her to stay, we had a good time

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