Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ein Kurz Auf Wiedersehen

Morgen Fruh gehe ich zum Deutschland (Berlin).

Ich bin sehr glucklich

(und ich habe keine umlaut auf mein computer)

So, entschuldigen sie bitte fur meine ruhe bis Montag.

Ich habe nicht in Deutschland gefarhen seit 28 jahre. Es ist auch 27 jahre seit ich Deutsche gelernt.

Which means that this is probably all wrong, sorry! It really has been a long time, I hope Lisa and I will be able to remember our lessons after all these years.

See you next week!


scouseboy said...

I can speak German too... Ein Bier Bitte!!!!!

Old "conspiracy" Dick said...

You arent the only one who can sprechen sie deutrsch Louise......Ich bin ein Berliner (or I have a bun)as me old drinking mate John F once said.

It is a well know fact that during the 1950's and 60's President Kennedy as well a knocking off Marilyn Monroe and loads of other women, used to visit kensington when in Europe.The reason why, well it is alittle know fact that besides being an anglophile, he great auntie Concepta used to live in Needham road (I cant disclose the number) and would pop out the local drinking hostelries in congnito. This is how I first met him,and how he met local woman Norma, and how she fell for his charms and how they had an illegitimate son (Johnny kennedy ex-radio city Dj)_ who was the fruit of one of KFK's liaisons locally.

The Ich Bin a Berliner was actually a secret message to the then pergnant mother of Johnny Kennedy, to let her know he knew of her predicament i.e. "she had a "bun" in the oven" and he would be popping over to Kenny after finsihing in Germany.

Alas he never made it as he was assinated by Lee Harvey Oswald (who also has family connections with Kensington)and never saw his son grow up to radio maturity.

Also has anyone seen marek, the last I heard someone saw him hanging around the old Harry James car show room on edge lane. Let me knwo iof you spot him