Monday, June 02, 2008

Fairfield Residents Assocation and Paul McCartney

I went on Monday to meet with the Chair and Secretary of the Fairfield Residents Association who cover Fairfield Crescent and Prospect Vale, the beautiful Georgian part of Fairfield.

I was greeted at the front door by two ladies who I dont think will mind me describing as pensioners who were on a real high following the Paul McCartney Liverpool Sound concert at Anfield Stadium the night before.

"Wasn't it marvellous, we have not stopped singing or smiling since" they enthused.

They had watched the concert on BBC2, as indeed had I. The Labour Group did have some tickets allocated but we chose to give them to some of the city's Looked After children.

From what I could see on the TV, every time Sir Paul began a new song, he only needed to play the first three notes and the stadium went wild, and the crowd sang along to every word of every song.

It looked like a great evening and I would have loved to have seen the Zutons too who are one of my favourite bands and really remind me of the Kinks.

So Liverpool was buzzing on Sunday and on Monday and indeed tonight (Wednesday) at another function I was attending, it was buzzing there too.

I understand there were some real issues about the organisation of the event - lots of questions being asked about the allocation of seating - people who had paid premium prices sat in the same seats as people who had paid the least - and some people were divested of their umbrellas and in one case an old lady had her two bananas taken from her (they were potential weapons apparently) but in terms of the musical content it would seem that the night was a tremendous success.

And the Fairfield Residents Association pre-meeting went very well too. We have agreed a whole list of priorities, mainly involving Newsham Park and its environs as it borders these roads at its southern boundaries. We will now meet later this month as a group, residents, councillors, the police and LCC neighbourhood management to work out how to progress these priorities.

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JB said...

It is indeed lovely in Prospect Vale and Fairfield Crescent, Nora and Co. are wonderful folk.

That end of Newsham Park is one of Liverpool's real hidden gems.

Will be good to see it come up again after the years of neglect.