Monday, June 02, 2008

Speke Hall for lunch

I met my friend Elaine for lunch last week and we decided, as it was such a lovely day, to go to Speke Hall and have soup, a crusty roll and a cake in their cafe.

As a card-holding member of the National Trust I thought it would help to flash my card but actually when I told the lady on the desk that we only wanted to visit the cafe she waved us through.

If you have not been to Speke Hall then I would heartily recommend it. It is a wonderful Tudor house, with original features, including some William Morris wallpaper (of a later era obviously). One of my favourite places to visit, especially when they are putting on special events with staff in period dress. Christmas is particularly lovely. Otherwise the rose garden is very beautiful.

It is odd to be able to hear the planes at John Lennon Airport revving up their engines (they live next door) but once you have learnt to put up with that, you will feel like you have gone back several centuries, and indeed in all ways that matter, you will have.

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Suzanne said...

How strange Helen and I were only talking of Speke Hall on Saturday night because she wants to go and is a National Trust member....will defo have to go now. Sx