Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dream High in Wavertree

I went to the Dream High panel meeting today which was in the Resource Centre on Wavertree High Street.

We discussed four new entrepreneurs from East Liverpool and how we could help them. Interesting businesses with interesting stumbling blocks.

I hope our suggestions will help them.

Dream High, as I have said before, is part of the Sirolli Institute's programme in Liverpool and we consider business propositions from Kensington, Fairfield, Old Swan and Dovecot in the main part.

We are always looking for new panel members; To be a panel member you should have something to offer the entrepreneur in terms of contacts or advice. It could be finance, marketing, HR, product development or placement, anything really. Otherwise you should be a local resident or business man or woman who can help identify budding entrepreneurs who would benefit from our free assistance.

Do please get in touch if you can help with either of these!

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