Wednesday, June 25, 2008

August 1st 9pm - exciting event in Newsham Park

I have just picked this up through email

The Emperor and the Tiger show features a magnificent mechanical
tiger, musicians, amazing costumes and colourful carnival dancers.

This show tells the story of a greedy emperor who demanded taxes - the people must pay! But when wise man Awlia Shah leads the people to plead with the Emperor, riding on the back of a giant, noble Bengal tiger, the tyrant is forced to think again. The power of the Tiger overcomes the Emperor and the people's pride and wealth is restored.

An original soundtrack with spoken narrative and magical special
effects animates this unique project, before the firework finale lights up the skies

A culture company event which sounds very good - do go!


Julie F said...

This sounds like the Good Tiger, represents Labour, and the bad Emperor, Tories!

I might attend this, with that in mind.

After years of Thatcherism, the Labour party overcome and the peoples pride and wealth is restored!

Liz said...

The event sounds brilliant. Newsham park is lovely and it's about time it was used properly.

I hate to say it, but I think the previous poster has it the wrong way round. The Tories are not known for wanting to raise taxes!