Thursday, May 21, 2009

Update on Drug Operation in Kensington and Fairfield

I went to a Quality of Life meeting yesterday at Kensington Regeneration and took the opportunity to ask for an update from the police on the drug operation I reported here and here

Of the warrants issued, only 5 are now outstanding, everyone else has been arrested.

The details of the missing 5 have been circulated throughout the country, one man was arrested at Liverpool Airport, about to board a flight.

About half of those arrested have been charged already. In some homes drugs, weapons, cash and stolen goods were also found, and they have to be processed forensicly before charges can be brought in these cases. Apparently they cannot just proceed on the evidence they had already gathered, but need to process all the new evidence too. So we can expect a further raft of charges in due course.

Many of the alleged dealers were allegedly involved in national and international dealing, part of an organised network.

The police say any convicted dealers are looking at long prison sentences.

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