Thursday, May 21, 2009

Laura Moffatt MP - someone to admire

Never mind duck islands, moats, champagne flutes, flipping, antique carpets, shoe repairs, dog food etc

Let's hear it for Laura Moffatt, MP for Crawley who claimed £20 this year on her expenses and says she sleeps on a camp-bed in her office if she cannot get home from Parliament because "I have always believed it is wrong for public servants to make money out of the public purse and I do not defend anyone who does so."

She went on to say "The record shows that I have consistently voted against pay rises for MPs in the Commons and this year gave my entire pay rise to charity."

What a fantastic representative, the people of Crawley must be delighted - (and I hear she has a tattoo of the number "37" on her foot, which refers to her slender majority, let's hope she needs to go back to the tattoist for some more inking after the next general election, at least another two digits! I will even pay for it myself).


Anonymous said...

Well done that woman!!!

Professor Y. Chucklebutty said...

Here's a couple of Youtubelinks on expenses you may or may not have seen. Copy n paste into your search bar